Dr. Marion Weston - Homeopathic Practitioner Dr. Marion Weston - Homeopathic Practitioner
Dr. Med. Univ / M. Tech. Hom
Registration Number: A 10942-HM Practise Number: 0391946
Description: Dr. Marion Weston graduated from the University of Vienna, Medical School in 1994. After two years of hospital practice which included Surgery and Psychiatry, she embarked on a journey to South Africa to escape the mechanistic and symptom orientated approach of the Medical Profession. The search for a system of healing, based on a deeper understanding of a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual make up, led her to explore the Art of Homeopathy, a holistic, patient orientated medical discipline. After another 5 years of extensive training in homeopathy, she graduated with a master degree from the Technical University of Durban, Homeopathy School. Determined to establish an opinion based upon experience she spend a decade in intensive study of many disciplines including Tissue Salt therapy, Bioenergetics, Swedish message, Jungian and Freudian psychology, Gestalt therapy, Bach Flower remedies and Reiki. A trip to India to one of the leading homeopaths of our time gave her the opportunity to gain insight into treatment methods based on compassion, awareness and great insight.